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The Best Rooftop Terrace Bars in Madrid

Our guide to the top rooftop terrace bars in Madrid - the perfect places to stay cool and start your night's entertainment

If you are in the city during the months of July, August and September you will quickly realise that most of the action occurs in the morning and evening. Late afternoon's are for dawdling, resting and snoozing - time spent avoiding the worst of the day's heat and recharging the batteries for the night to come. And when recharged some of the best places to go to disfrutar the evening breezes are the roof-top terrace bars dotted around town. Below we present our top ten favourites.

Lokuo - Cocktails and football - the perfect combination? Lokuo | Located down at Príncipe Pío commercial centre. this is the terrace bar of the infamous restaurant Locos por el Fútbol - thus combining two of Spain's favourite pastimes, football and partying. The owners renovated the terrace two years ago and turned what was part of the nightclub dance floor into an open-air DJ bar which now plays funky house and chill-out as standard. Occasional special themed nights (they had tarot card readers, magicians, spooks and ghouls for Halloween for example), celebrity spotting, and of course a big screen for important footy matches. You'll want to put on your smartest shirt but jeans and smart sneakers are not frowned upon. Free entry. Drinks are from 5 euroweenies fro a beer up to 10-12 for combinados or cocktails.

Open: Until 3.00am weekdays - 3.30am Friday and Saturday | Avenida de Príncipe Pío, 12

The ultra-fashionable SkyNight bar in the hotel Puerta America, Madrid. SkyNight / Puerta de América | Occupying the 13th floor of the five star Silken Puerta America Hotel, this is a designers paradise with some of the best panoramic views in the city, especially from its glass gangways or footbridges. It is one of the most fashionable night clubs in Madrid and one of the coolest places to take your bf / gf if you're looking to impress. Music is laid-back ambient or occasional live jazz. Expect to pay 12 euroweenies plus for a cocktail.

Avenida de América, 41

De las letras rooftop bar. De Las Letras | Compact and bijou, this dinky little rooftop terrace stands on the top floor of the hotel De las letras which was bult in 1917 - so it's all very belle époque. There are hammocks and comfy bean-bags to lounge in while you sip your combinado and look out across some of the large buildings on the Gran Via.

Gran Via, 11

Serrano 41. Serrano 41 | One of the most famous nightclubs in Madrid with a degree of exclusivity. The place is split into two areas; the outside usually has plenty of space to enjoy your drink with rubber plants for decoration and beer barrels acting as tables, while inside it boasts a fully air-conditioned large dance floor which often features elegant but plastered ladies swinging their handbags. Choice tables are often reserved for stars or the super-wealthy.

Serrano 41

La Terraza de Chamartín | A very odd location for this one; it's laid out in the middle of the semi-abandoned rooftop of Chamartin railway station within the boundaries of a defunct krazy golf course. Across the way is a twenty-lane ten-pin bowling alley and beside that the famous Sala Macumba - a real ravers joint that can get quite messy in the early hours. However, the terrace itself is very smart, all white furniture and tinted glass, and the crowd is young and sharply dressed. Lots of space so always room to meander and stretch out. Expect to pay 10 euroweenies for a drink. We like this place.

Estación de Chamartín

Hotel Urban rooftop terrace. La Terraza Hotel Urban | Think New York lofthouse style in a duplex. Cosmopolitan (i.e. popular with guiris / foreigners) and currently super-trendy, queues to go up in the lift start to form from midnight onwards. We've been a couple of nights and also found it hard to get served at the bar - not enough staff - but we were told this was a temporary situation. This may be because they've been suprised by its recent popularity as word seems to have caught on what a good place it is. Music is very laid-back funky and minimal house. Lots of quiet corners to have a romantic chat. More about the Hotel Urban here

Carrera de San Jerónimo, 31

Casa de América terrace. Casa de América | Not really a rooftop terrace, we're cheating a bit on this one as it is set in the gardens of the Casa de America, but the effect is the same - cooling breezes and a laid-back vibe. An illuminated tent canvas covers the main seating area which is all Arabian-nights style with palm fronds and large pillows and floor seating. Especially recommended are the mojitos and caipiriñas which provide a perfect jungle-summer feeling to go with the decor.

Paseo de Recoletos, 11

Ananda bar, Avenida Ciudad de Barcelona. Ananda | A trendy spot for media-types. Sundays are often a special themed-party and it can be difficult to gain entry without name dropping but the rest of the week is usually OK. If you're good at blagging Sunday night would be a good test of your skills.

Avenida Ciudad de Barcelona

Real Café Bernabeu | Set high-up in the eaves of the Estadio Santiago Bernabeu, the home of our heroes Real Madrid, you don't really notice the super-plush surroundings at first 'cos your eye keeps being drawn to the interior of the stadium or the huge TV screen showing Real's best moments. Expensive, but you're paying for the brand aren't you so never mind the quality, feel the width.

Concha Espina 1